On Self-Published Novels

Fair Maison is all about supporting authors. I don’t post links to the cheapest download of a book — though I’m not against cheap books, ha. But here I post links to the venue where the author makes the most money on the sale.

For instance, since Amazon takes 65% (!) of a sale before the author and publisher get a penny, I doubt I’ll be posting any links to Amazon here.

This brings up self-published works. After all, what better “deal” for the author than to self-publish? Yes, yes, a lot of self-published stuff is unreadable dreck. But you know what? Some self-published stuff is not dreck — and is readable.

Almost any link to a self-published book is going to lead to a good deal for the author. I say almost, because Amazon takes 65% out of a sale from self-published authors too. (If you find an author you like on Amazon, see if you can find their book in Kindle format at Smashwords.)

So I’m going to include self-published works here at Fair Maison. There will be gatekeeping! I’ll only list self-published stuff that I’ve read and — quite subjectively — found to be not-dreck.


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