Max Under the Stars by Anne Frasier

Likari’s take: If you’re a writer who “can’t not write,” Anne Frasier’s new short story is for you. Give yourself a treat, click on over to Smashwords and grab this gem. Then sit down with your favorite adult beverage and enjoy.

[Smashwords blurb:] A writer is born…and his name is Max. Follow Max on his lifelong quest to produce the perfect novel. Touching, irreverent, hilarious and sad. Every writer should read this story. Every writer will relate to Max. Please note: This is a SHORT STORY consisting of 2,500 words.

Available now at Smashwords.


2 Responses to “Max Under the Stars by Anne Frasier”

  1. Anne Frasier Says:

    You are so awesome! This site looks amazing amazing amazing! Gorgeous! I’m working on my own DIY print version of Max. No pop-up, but it might be something kind of unique. Or it could be a really lame idea. I haven’t decided. I’ll be unveiling it in a few days.

  2. likari Says:

    Thanks. Well, it’s still under construction. I think I’m going to get the css upgrade so I can take out the tabs in the masthead — or they’ll take over the whole thing!

    I love Max Under the Stars. I think it would be a lovely gift book for authors, pop-up or not. Can’t wait to see what you’re doing with it.

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