The Egyptian Demon’s Daughter by Ciar Cullen

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I love Kasdeya, the Egyptian Demon from The Egyptian Demon’s Keeper. He’s just funny.

This novella from Ciar Cullen takes place in the future when Kasdeya’s daughter Tari, short for Nefertari, is a professor at Princeton. Tari gets into a bit of trouble when yummy Professor Grayson tracks her down to discuss immortality and other earthly delights.

Kasdeya gets to say things like “This scientist has hurt you in some way. I will kill him immediately.” Typical demon daddy! (If the daddy is Kasey).

Give yourself a treat and bop over to My Bookstore and More’s shiny new store. Heck, pick up both novellas. They are both fun stories told with intelligent humor.

EDIT: I just thought of a great opening line for this review, but I’m saving it for the third novella in the series. heh-heh.


3 Responses to “The Egyptian Demon’s Daughter by Ciar Cullen”

  1. Ciar Cullen Says:

    You da girl. I am your slave.

    Thanks for getting that they were just meant to be cute, to give someone a break from the everyday.


  2. Ciar Cullen Says:

    Oh, PS, you’ll like the third I hope. In which Kasdeya is responsible for all sorts of havoc (it goes back to ancient times).

  3. likari Says:

    Oh, boy! Yes, I get the idea there is bad blood (ahem) between Kasey and some creature-of-the-night types that goes way back.

    The Kasdeya clan is becoming one of my favorite angst antidotes. I love angst! but sometimes you need to wash it away with some humor.

    Oh. I just thought of something I should add to the review…

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