Kept by Zoe Winters

Buy where Zoe Winters gets the best deal

The link above will take you to the Amazon page where you can download Kept for 99 cents. This novella is available for free at Zoe’s website, but this is a quality piece of work and well worth paying for.

If you’d like a different format, here is the Smashwords link.

Greta is a shapeshifter with a milestone coming up. At the first full moon after she turns 28, her blood will be at peak potency and Simon, the leader of her tribe, wants that blood to increase the power of the tribe!

Anthony the vampire wants it because — well, he’s a vampire.

Greta’s mom sends her to the safekeeping of Dayne the sorcerer where Greta ends up having to deal with her fear of and attraction for Dayne just as her lifecycle sends her into heat without her medication, all with the impending full moon extravaganza making everything even more complicated.

I enjoyed this light erotic romp. It’s full of humor without being stupid; and though some of the tension between the hero and heroine could have been resolved by a frank conversation, it wasn’t too hard to believe that their brains were scrambled by all the magic and “cat heat” pressure, ha. I was willing to suspend disbelief for this story.

Winters does a great job showing the kitty nature of the werecat — oh, excuse me; Therian. I laughed out loud several times, and the sensuality never felt gratuitous.

Kept is the first novella in the three-novella collection Blood Lust, which will be coming out this month.


3 Responses to “Kept by Zoe Winters”

  1. Cara Wallace Says:

    Is it available elsewhere (besides her website), for the non-Kindled among us? I’d like her to get something for it …

  2. likari Says:

    I downloaded the Kindle for PC utility from Amazon. It’s free and it works great!

  3. zoewinters Says:

    Hey Cara, it’s available via Smashwords as well:

    And Kindle for PC is great as well. I got it before I got my Kindle!

    Thank you likari for the lovely review! Glad you liked it!

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