How to Add Fonts to Gimp

Want more font options in GIMP?

1.   Go to datafont and pick a font.  Note that some “fonts” are packets of several fonts. Some are free for personal use. Some are free but you can donate to the artist through PayPal. (don’t piss off the art gods – if you want people to pay for your book, it would be tacky not to pay your font designer.)

2. Download the font and open it in the download folder.

3. Unzip the fonts.

4. Select all and copy.

5. Go to your control panel and open the fonts file.

6. Paste.  You might get some messages saying that one or several files aren’t allowed — just click okay until you’re done.

7. Open GIMP — ta-da! You’ve got fonts.


One Response to “How to Add Fonts to Gimp”

  1. Anne Frasier Says:

    A lot of people, even cover artists, don’t seem to understand the importance of fonts when it comes to cover design. I’m still seeing many gorgeous covers with truly awful fonts.

    I’ve been unable to download gimp, but maybe someday I’ll figure out what I’m doing wrong!

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