Blood Lust by Zoe Winters

Likari’s rating: 3.99

The three novellas in Zoe Winters’ Blood Lust trilogy — Kept, Claimed, and Mated tell the story of how three couples in her world find true love and hook up. The series is a fast-paced and well-done introduction to the world of the Preternaturals series. (The full-length novel Save My Soul will be the next installment.)

You can’t write about Winters’ work without mentioning that she is an indie publisher — see? — and then remarking on how professional her presentation is — see?  Well, she is.  And it is.

I’ve enjoyed all three novellas. The stories are fresh and complex and full of smart humor.  Sentences like “Anthony has minions?” and “Cole didn’t have time to listen to his beta’s excuses.” Hilarious in context, delivered by an excellent story teller.

Oh, and as to the which did I like best question:  Claimed — but only by a hair’s breadth.

I’m so glad I read these novellas. I heartily recommend them all.


Blue Amber by LK Rigel

Blue Amber, free at Smashwords

When Mallory met Edmund…

Mallory of Settlement 20 is a rare fertile female in a world made sterile by global war and ecological cataclysm.

When she’s 13 years old, she’s sent to Red City, an environmentally clean enclave where she will be safe. On her way, she meets Edmund, a prince who will one day bid on her services.

A kind gesture by Edmund sparks Mal’s adolescent crush, but friendship with princes is forbidden by law.

Blue Amber is the extended prologue to Bleeder, a postapocalyptic paranormal romance, the first novel in the Afterworld series.

Kept by Zoe Winters

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The link above will take you to the Amazon page where you can download Kept for 99 cents. This novella is available for free at Zoe’s website, but this is a quality piece of work and well worth paying for.

If you’d like a different format, here is the Smashwords link.

Greta is a shapeshifter with a milestone coming up. At the first full moon after she turns 28, her blood will be at peak potency and Simon, the leader of her tribe, wants that blood to increase the power of the tribe!

Anthony the vampire wants it because — well, he’s a vampire.

Greta’s mom sends her to the safekeeping of Dayne the sorcerer where Greta ends up having to deal with her fear of and attraction for Dayne just as her lifecycle sends her into heat without her medication, all with the impending full moon extravaganza making everything even more complicated.

I enjoyed this light erotic romp. It’s full of humor without being stupid; and though some of the tension between the hero and heroine could have been resolved by a frank conversation, it wasn’t too hard to believe that their brains were scrambled by all the magic and “cat heat” pressure, ha. I was willing to suspend disbelief for this story.

Winters does a great job showing the kitty nature of the werecat — oh, excuse me; Therian. I laughed out loud several times, and the sensuality never felt gratuitous.

Kept is the first novella in the three-novella collection Blood Lust, which will be coming out this month.

Blood Lust — Coming Soon

I haven’t read any of Zoe Winters’ stuff (yet!) but her meticulous attention to detail and professional calibre web presence make me want to buy this book as soon as it’s available.

Isn’t that cover by Anne Cain gorgeous?

Zoe is putting solid resources into her works. She obviously respects her readers and wants us to enjoy her books on every level. I intend to!

You can get Kept, the opening novella, free at Zoe’s site. BUT you can get it for .99 here at Amazon (yes, Amazon) if you’d like to put a little money in Zoe’s kitty and help raise her rankings.

At Fair Maison, we like to support authors!

Authors like Zoe Winters and Moriah Jovan are setting the standards for quality in self-publishing. I’ll be interested to see if Blood Lust is as well edited as it is well produced — but all the signs so far indicate it’s going to be excellent.

The Egyptian Demon’s Daughter by Ciar Cullen

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I love Kasdeya, the Egyptian Demon from The Egyptian Demon’s Keeper. He’s just funny.

This novella from Ciar Cullen takes place in the future when Kasdeya’s daughter Tari, short for Nefertari, is a professor at Princeton. Tari gets into a bit of trouble when yummy Professor Grayson tracks her down to discuss immortality and other earthly delights.

Kasdeya gets to say things like “This scientist has hurt you in some way. I will kill him immediately.” Typical demon daddy! (If the daddy is Kasey).

Give yourself a treat and bop over to My Bookstore and More’s shiny new store. Heck, pick up both novellas. They are both fun stories told with intelligent humor.

EDIT: I just thought of a great opening line for this review, but I’m saving it for the third novella in the series. heh-heh.