Hey, Thanks For Your World!

Someone left a message on my LK Rigel page here at Fair Maison the other day that has freaked me out.

Eric Says:
August 1, 2010 at 6:43 pm edit
Nice work i have to say, even inspired me to do a short story off of that idea. Thanks!

Whoa, there pardner! That’s my world you’re helping yourself to. I’m not even established yet, and someone’s fanficking me?

Now, of course ideas are not intellectual property, but world’s are. I found Eric’s page at Smashword’s, and what do you know? He’s published an entire book over there — has it for sale for $5.99 based on “David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers Universe.”

He downloaded my free first chapter and left a 5 star review. It’s all too weird.

I wrote this letter:

Hi Eric,

I saw your comment on Fair Maison and checked out your page at Smashwords. Thanks so much for the 5-star review of my first chapter of Space Junque. I hope to have the whole thing out in about a month.

You mentioned writing a short story off the world of Space Junque, and I hope you won’t do that. This is my world I am creating for my work.

It looks like you’re a good writer. I hope you’ll put your efforts into creating a world that is yours.

I appreciate your enjoyment of my work, but I explicitly do not give you permission to use it in yours.

I wish you much success in creating worlds that your readers will enjoy — and I hope to be one of them,

Most sincerely,
LK Rigel

Any thoughts? Ideas?


Blood Lust — Coming Soon

I haven’t read any of Zoe Winters’ stuff (yet!) but her meticulous attention to detail and professional calibre web presence make me want to buy this book as soon as it’s available.

Isn’t that cover by Anne Cain gorgeous?

Zoe is putting solid resources into her works. She obviously respects her readers and wants us to enjoy her books on every level. I intend to!

You can get Kept, the opening novella, free at Zoe’s site. BUT you can get it for .99 here at Amazon (yes, Amazon) if you’d like to put a little money in Zoe’s kitty and help raise her rankings.

At Fair Maison, we like to support authors!

Authors like Zoe Winters and Moriah Jovan are setting the standards for quality in self-publishing. I’ll be interested to see if Blood Lust is as well edited as it is well produced — but all the signs so far indicate it’s going to be excellent.

An Immodest Proposal

Will piracy destroy ebooks?

This makes me so mad! Do we want authors to stop writing because jerks are stealing their work? Gah! How does a certain very well known site that shall remain nameless get away with it? And I’m not talking about Pirate Bay.

This isn’t a post about how crappy piracy is. It’s crappy. Pirates are assholes. Bleah. This is just to ask the question: What are writers and publishers to do about these thieves?

Here is my immodest proposal: The day a book comes out, I think the publisher should upload the file to every pirate site they can find — including that site that pretends to be legit but is loaded with pirated copyrighted material.

Think I’m crazy? Here’s the twist: The pirate files should be loaded with viruses.

Instead of saying sweetly, oh, well you shouldn’t download a pirated file because there might be a virus in it, why not make sure the files are packed with viruses? Why not cause as much misery for the pirates as they do to working writers?

Don’t think of it as spreading a virus. Think of it as inoculation.

On Self-Published Novels

Fair Maison is all about supporting authors. I don’t post links to the cheapest download of a book — though I’m not against cheap books, ha. But here I post links to the venue where the author makes the most money on the sale.

For instance, since Amazon takes 65% (!) of a sale before the author and publisher get a penny, I doubt I’ll be posting any links to Amazon here.

This brings up self-published works. After all, what better “deal” for the author than to self-publish? Yes, yes, a lot of self-published stuff is unreadable dreck. But you know what? Some self-published stuff is not dreck — and is readable.

Almost any link to a self-published book is going to lead to a good deal for the author. I say almost, because Amazon takes 65% out of a sale from self-published authors too. (If you find an author you like on Amazon, see if you can find their book in Kindle format at Smashwords.)

So I’m going to include self-published works here at Fair Maison. There will be gatekeeping! I’ll only list self-published stuff that I’ve read and — quite subjectively — found to be not-dreck.