LK Rigel (likari)

space junque:

In flagrante apocalypto.

The world is on the brink of ecological cataclysm set off by the Oil Spill of 2010 and exacerbated by the Sea Level Rise of 2070.

When the Defenders of Gaia set off dirty bombs in random cities, Char Meadowlark accepts an invitation to visit the Imperial Space Station until the terror subsides.

Mike, Char’s connection on the station, wants more than friendship, but Char is attracted to Jake, the pilot who transports her off planet in his shuttle, the Space Junque.

When orbit is invaded by desperate refugees, love may be an impossible luxury. The human race is finally about to destroy itself.


9 Responses to “LK Rigel (likari)”

  1. Anne Frasier Says:

    ooh, i like that! very much!

  2. likari Says:

    cool – I went ahead and bought the images, so I’m going to attempt a good rendering. They cost 2 credits each. I paid $29 for 12 credits, and the GIMP program is free, so . . . maybe I won’t be using a professional artist till the project can pay for one.

  3. Anne Frasier Says:

    i think the trick to a professional-looking cover is the font, which is why i’m going to have my kid do that part. something about layering and shadowing and that kind of thing. i’ll have to look into GIMP!

  4. Bundle of Love | LK Rigel Says:

    […] want to play! I’ve been working on Space Junque to pass the time, but it’s not enough. I desperately want something to be out […]

  5. Like Margaret Atwood « Fair Maison Says:

    […] LK Rigel (likari) […]

  6. Eric Says:

    Nice work i have to say, even inspired me to do a short story off of that idea. Thanks!

  7. likari Says:

    No thanks about it — plagiarism is a crime, dude.

  8. Julia Rachel Barrett Says:

    I have no idea how to contact you, but I read your reply on Dear Author to today’s post, 8/10/10. Brilliant and thank you. Julia

  9. likari Says:

    Gee, thanks!

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