Moriah Jovan

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Knox Hilliard’s uncle murdered his father to marry his mother and take control of the family company. Now, he and his cousins Sebastian and Giselle are on a quest for justice and to restore Knox’s inheritance to him. None of them expect to find love along the way.

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My take:

The Proviso is a substantial read, closer to Sidney Sheldon (or any ’70s glam/potboiler) than the cotton candy contemporaries so common today. There is more use of the F-bomb than my delicate sensibility would like, and every once in a while a character seemed dressed in the author’s politics. But these are only niggling criticisms that might say more about this reader than the novel itself.

On balance, The Proviso has it all: murder, treachery, manipulation, pistol-packing heroines, art, religion, and romance. The exceptionally well-written sex scenes are never silly or unbelievable. — Likari


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