Shirin Dubbin

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Mainstream Romance: Urban Fantasy, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-345-7
Cover Artist: Shirin Nicole
Editor: Emmy Ellis
Word Count: 15,540
Release Date: June 04, 2009

Aftermath cleaner, Nia Mora, is destined to die—tonight. Severin, the inscrutable and utterly delicious harbinger of death has already arrived to bear witness… but damn his duty. He will not stand by and watch. Not when Nia Mora may be the Fae’s last hope of survival.

Damn Severin and his heroic delusions. Fae-tech mogul, Zan Wynn, is equally drawn to Nia’Mora and as the quintessential–yes, those are your panties dropping–bad boy he can’t be bothered to play fair.

Oblivious to her doom, Nia Mora’s concern is for the missing Way, the very essence of the Fae and the reason they are trapped in the mortal world. That and the small matter of remaining single when she can’t deny Severin’s power over her or Zan Wynn’s hypnotic pull. But is the nefarious Wynn a second potential mate or the prelude to her destruction?

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Likari’s take.


2 Responses to “Shirin Dubbin”

  1. Shirin Dubbin Says:

    This is very cool, Likari! Thanks so much for including me.

  2. likari Says:

    My pleasure! I’ve been wanting to read Keeper of the Way since I read the blurb — now I finally got around to buying it and loading it into Calibre. So far looks great — I’m going to read it tonight.

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